The high efficient electric IR dryer



The InfraFoil electric IR dryer is widely used, approved technology within the Paper Industry around the world. The InfraFoil dryer is especially suitable for installations where space is the limiting factor. The MD length of the frame is 560 mm (22,1") and height only 420 mm (16,5") including heat recovery. The dryer is equipped with Air-Foil air drying / web stabilization, which increases the drying capacity with 10% and gives good run ability even with low web tensions.


Fact-to-face installations - high power in short web distance

The advanced design of InfraFoil modules enables installations where two frames are facing each other. You can apply more energy in short web distance. The high quality flat gold-on-ceramic material reflector behind the lamps has more than 98,5% reflectivity. The radiation is recovered without any effect on the lamp lifetime. This has been proved in many installations.


The InfraFoil frame is supplied with both the supply and exhaust air which allows heat recovery of hot air.


InfraFoil Air nozzle



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